LMS Branding – Think Again

It is not mandatory to have your new LMS match directly to your current brand and feel. Remember that your business brand is designed primarily for those on the outside looking in. The thought processes and messages are there to appeal to your buying public not your internal staff. There can be a lot of considerations when creating the ideal customer-facing experience but these constraints can be abandoned when it comes to your Learning Management System.

Convention says:
Use your current logo and corporate colours so learners identify the connection and feel immediately at home

We say:
Do you want your learners to feel that enhancing their skills is just another job? That courses are another burden for them to wade through and pass? Why not create a completely separate identity for your learning platform, with a name and personality all of its own? One way to help generate excitement and engagement with the project before it is launched is to run a competition for your staff to get involved and name the site. Who will ever forget the publicly named Artic vessel now lovingly known as Boaty McBoatface?

LMS BrandingIf you want to create impact with your LMS site then don’t follow the crowd, dare to be different. An obvious place to break the mould would be in the site’s design. All responsive websites are built from a combination of items set within rows and columns to consistently serve the same content across differing devices and screen sizes. However, this method can restrict creativity and leave designs looking overly structured and blocky.  Given some extra thought and access to design software, your site could be transformed. Fixed items can appear to flow seamlessly into their neighbours, providing a much more appealing experience. Such considerations can make a real difference to engagement.

If you want your learners to be inspired by the options and opportunities available, let them express themselves. Many systems now provide them with the ability to create their own online avatars and to publicly display badges and scores from course completions and achievements.  This approach can create a sense of community and add a positive competitive element to drive activity and learner success.

Whatever you do to enhance your LMS always remember that the site needs to be simple to use so provide an intuitive experience which draws people in. Keep the theme of fun and engagement at the forefront of both the LMS and every course it delivers. Don’t let the earnest intent of your endeavour or the serious nature of the topics take away the enjoyment. Keep things light and aim for entertaining learning which sticks for all the right reasons.

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