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LXP Learning Experience Platform

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Learning Experience Platform (LXP or LEP) is a newer LMS where social interaction, forum contribution and supported learning is at the centre of the experience.

An LXP is about creating an environment where a culture of learning is offered through a more social networking styled experience, providing learners with areas where they can interact and support each other directly whilst contributing to forum discussions. Rather than constraining the learner by way of the courses provided, these mechanisms create a wider learning opportunity. Internal or community knowledge experts can empower others, staff can mentor each other and foster their own knowledge network.

Members are offered the opportunity to build a more comprehensive and personalised profile, allowing others to identify users perusing similar career aspirations or experiencing the same challenges or roadblocks to success, creating a support network into which others can contribute when they believe their knowledge will be of benefit.

  • Social Learning
  • Community Groups
  • Wider Learning
  • Blended Learning

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