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If you have stumbled across this article, then there is a good chance that you understand the fundamentals of what an LMS provides. There is also a reasonable chance that you recognise the benefits; a centralised training system, consistent 24/7 access from connected devices and a fully trackable learning environment.

So, what is stopping you from ordering your own LMS?

Experience tells us that many businesses are concerned about how best to dip their toe in the LMS market.  They want an easy route to gaining all the benefits but at the same time need to control the initial outlay. If this sounds familiar, then here is our quick guide.

The Learning Management System

  • Start Simple – At their core they all provide an online gateway to courses, allowing learners to log in and for you to trace their activity. So, don’t get drawn into the complexity of options, ask for the entry level setup and build from there. Once you have real life experience then you’ll be better placed to specify other features. Let the project grow and evolve over time.
  • Branding – A logo and the application of brand colours are generally quick additions to an LMS, so it should be easy to have your site reflect the look and feel of your company. Keep your focus on a professional look and intuitive navigation.
  • LMS Support – If you select an “off-the-shelf” LMS then you should be able to support most user enquiries internally, e.g. password re-sets and course allocations. We would recommend that your supplier still provides an escalation process which shouldn’t be expensive.
  • Reporting – LMS platforms all have reporting systems built in; these generally cover the needs of all but the largest and most multifaceted businesses and should be more than sufficient.

e-Learning Courses

  • Bundles are best – The sheer number of courses available can be daunting so why not go for a core bundle to get your employees up and running. At Cortexa we provide starter bundles which include courses to meet the core needs of most businesses. Starter packs such as these offer a great value for money solution and easily justify the LMS set-up costs. Below you’ll see an example of one of our most popular bundles but there are plenty of alternatives available.
  • Generic courses – Created for the mass market these obviously won’t match your branding but they are ready to deploy. Also, to attract high sales figures these tend to be comprehensive in their content and are built to high standards.
  • Broad appeal – Populating your LMS with a range of courses required by the largest number of staff will provide the quickest route to learner engagement. Many generic course bundles, such as our own, provide the foundations for induction training, giving increased professionalism to your new starter programme as well as relieving pressure on your HR department.

Example e-Learning Starter Course Bundle
Health & Safety at Work (60 mins)
Manual Handling (20 mins)
GDPR (30 mins)
Fire safety (30 mins)
Workstation Assessment (20 mins)

In summary, an LMS implementation need not spiral into a major project with associated costs. If a phased approach is taken then you can quickly benefit from an attractive, professional offering populated with high quality courses and maximum reach.

If our quick guide has inspired LMS action then why not call us now on 0330 024 2881. After a short conversation we’ll quickly be able to provide you with an initial quote and guide you further on how the process works.

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