eLearning Compliance Training – The Real Costs

It isn’t exciting and most staff won’t thank you for providing it but compliance training could be some of the most important courses you provide.

The Carrot & Stick

At the most basic level noncompliant behaviour puts employees and customers at risk of accidents, therefore training should be a priority. Regular compliance training will promote a safety-first culture in the workplace, ensuring that staff are knowledgeable about the risks and take the appropriate action. Staff injured in preventable accidents has an impact on productivity and staff morale, and its likely to be followed by an investigation that could be emotional and invasive for those involved. A hefty fine and sanctions for a regulation breach could also follow.  Currently for any Health & Safety offence committed after 12th March 2015, the maximum penalty in the magistrates’ court is an unlimited fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or both. In the Crown Court, the maximum penalty is unlimited fine or imprisonment not exceeding two years or both.  Both the magistrates and the Crown Court have a discretionary power to make an order requiring a convicted defendant to pay compensation for any personal injury, loss or damage resulting from the offence.

Armed with this information it is easy to imagine how devastating a noncompliance claim could be and why positive avoidance is the only obvious course of action. The upfront expenditure on an online compliance training approach will end up costing less than the penalties, reputational damage, and accidents that can result from compliance violations. In other words, a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) has made it easier than ever for you to reduce business expenses and achieve a high compliance training ROI.

Compliance Made Easy

The following are the key areas of compliance that apply across most organisations and industries, together they create a suite of learning to keep your staff and business safe and within the law.

Health, Safety & Environment
Managing Health & Safety
Equality & Diversity
Cyber Security
Bribery & Corruption

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find that Cortexa have all these courses and more available Off the Shelf in a SCORM compliant format ready for fast deployment into your existing or new LMS.

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*Information provided by HSE online:- http://www.hse.gov.uk/enforce/enforcementguide/court/sentencing-penalties.htm

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