Effective Learning Management Systems

What does your LMS say to its learners?

I want you to learn this.
I need you to learn this.
Learn this and you’ll be more productive.
Learn this and your job will be easier and you’ll have more time to do other interesting things.


Take a look at this really interesting stuff which will help you now and increase your chances of promotion (and pay). At the same time your colleagues and friends will see just how clever you are and your managers will see how keen you are to learn and progress in the business.

To help you reach this lofty ambition you’ll need to start by taking a detailed look at your courses. Do they inspire, engage and provide useful transferable skills? Secondly review your LMS to see if your global message is one of welcoming and nurturing rather than direction and instruction. Once you have these basics in place you can look to finesse your offering by exploring the topics below.

LMS BadgeBadges inspire our competitive natures, providing the opportunity to revel in our achievements and to encourage others to follow our lead. The perfect chance to promote departmental competition and to build a team mentality. A good LMS will offer a points or badge system to drive engagement and display league tables of achievement, promoting healthy rivalries and mechanisms to career progression. Badges are even being transferred to external learning recognition platforms so their worth extends beyond the confines of your own company.

LMS CertificatesCertificates can be awarded for a wide variety of LMS interaction. The obvious will be for course completions and high scoring assessment results, but they can easily extend into rewards for regular visits or responding to questions posted on your social forum (if you have one).

Member connections allow users to build their own individual communities, selecting to follow other learners and exchange knowledge or support on a one2one or micro group level, creating the ideal environment for building relationships whilst avoiding unnecessary chatter appearing on more public forums. Notifications that their connections have responded to discussion topics or individual requests also help to encourage increased site interaction.

Forums provide an inhouse discussion portal through which topics can be raised and support can be provided. Not only can learners curate their own topic choices and provide their own support network, HR and managers can also bring their weight of experience to bear.

Social connections to the wider world can also provide a useful response if connected through your LMS. Marketing departments spend hours and dedicate resources to driving company messages out into the wider world but there should be no need for your learners to go elsewhere to experience these. Use your LMS to display the latest company posts direct to their learner community, offering your platform as the definitive go-to destination for all things YOU.

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