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A quick internet search will soon provide you with a host of eLearning courses across a multitude of topics. Many will cover the same popular areas with similar pricing and comparable quality. There will always be variations of course length and consequentially the depth of detail covered, but, in essence much of what many companies need is already widely available right now and all for a relatively low cost. So, what are the key reasons and advantages to commissioning your own custom eLearning course?

  • Let’s start with the obvious. If your topic is very specific to your particular business, products, services or an identified knowledge gap, then off-the-self really isn’t going to cut it. Instead you’ll need to create something that fits the bill. Mostly likely this will mean finding a developer who displays the abilities you’ll need and then working with them to create the perfect solution.
  • Your culture and approach will always be unique to your company and, for some topics at least, that DNA should ideally be present within your training. If you want courses to accurately reflect your business, then a simple rebranding of an existing course might not be enough.
  • If you view learning as a journey, with courses as recognisable steps in a path to increased knowledge, productivity and opportunity, you may want each of your courses to look and feel connected both to your business and to each other. For example, they could build on successive knowledge to help larger more complex topics become digestible. Harvesting courses from a range of suppliers will never achieve this objective and may leave learners navigating between courses with alternate styles and perhaps even a duplication of knowledge.
  • Opting for custom eLearning development lifts your quality and commitment above that of your competitors and helps you stand out from the crowd. It tells your learner base that you value their development and are willing to invest in it – just doing enough is not good enough!
  • Custom eLearning puts you back in full control ensuring that you can set the objectives of each course and build content to target that specific result. Providing your chosen developer with your learning goals and objectives, alongside immersing them into your company culture will ensure a perfectly tailored product. Courses will always deliver knowledge to the right depth and at the correct pace, including activities and images that match your approach and branding.

In conclusion

Custom eLearning courses will effectively tackle your specific needs and accurately target your objectives. They’ll offer a personalised experience, reflecting your business brand and philosophy. Your courses will remain current and over time your growing course library will provide a cohesive learning path to meet identified business objectives and provide succession planning.

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